Local Carbon provides businesses with the people and tools they need to embed sustainability within their organisation in a meaningful way. This includes carbon accountants who calculate emissions, analysts who help identify valuable insights from the data and carbon analysts who help navigate carbon markets and reduction opportunities.


Local Carbon is also a match making platform, connecting businesses who are generating carbon credits or delivering high impact projects with those who want to purchase offsets or support these projects in their community. Local Carbon brings transparency and integrity to the world of sustainability.

Sometimes the changes we want to make can be out of reach financially - to support clients we have a Sustainability Fund. We place 5% of all subscription fees into this fund to support sustainability projects within your organisation or community. If you've got a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but you don't have the budget to implement the change - you can apply for funding! It's our shared way of working together as a community. 

What does Local Carbon Include?

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 Local Carbon Team

You get a team assigned to your business, including a carbon accountant, business analyst and carbon analyst. The team will be available to you for 2 hours each per month.

Local Carbon Portal

Your business will get access to your own portal with features to support the carbon accounting process, interactive dashboards for visualising your data and streamlined reporting.

Emissions Assessment

Your accountant will calculate emissions to an audit ready quality in accordance with the GHG Standards. Results are presented across interactive dashboards in the portal.

Analysis and Offsets


Your analyst will identify opportunities to save costs and reduce emissions. Your carbon analyst will connect you with local projects to procure carbon credits if desired after reduction efforts.

What does it cost?

We make Local Carbon as accessible as possible - it's for everyone. It has to be.

Pricing includes access to your local carbon team every month - 2 hours of carbon accounting services, 2 hours of business analyst services and 2 hours of carbon analyst services. It includes an emissions assessment performed in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Standards to an audit ready quality for the previous or current financial year. You will also receive your own portal with interactive dashboards, making reporting and analysing emissions data easier than its ever been. It includes access to local carbon project connections to explore the procurement of local carbon credits as part of your sustainability strategy. Five percent of your fees also go the the ER Sustainability Fund. All Local Carbon clients can also access the ER Sustainability Fund - apply for funds to support your sustainability projects. 

A 10% discount is included below for up front payments. Fees can be paid monthly with a minimum 12 month subscription. Pricing includes GST.

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Small Business

Less than 10 employees

Up to 200 Scope 3 Suppliers

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Medium Business

Between 10-50 employees

Up to 250 Scope 3 Suppliers

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Large Business

Between 50-200 employees

Up to 300 Scope 3 Suppliers

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Extra Large

200+ employees

Up to 500 Scope 3 Suppliers

*pricing for extra large customers to be confirmed based on nature of organisation

Making Sustainability Simple

Local Carbon

Making Sustainability Simple - Together


Sustainability sits at the top of the agenda for many organisations - but it's not always easy. Sustainability can be embedded into every aspect of the business, leading to some incredible opportunities when it's done well. The benefits of taking sustainability seriously are increasingly significant. Organisation can achieve cost savings, increase brand value and establish a competitive advantage, meet the changing expectations of customers, increase the efficiency of the operation, attract and keep the best employees and identify new opportunities in the way they do business. 


Importantly, we're ready to dive into the supply chain, identifying opportunities for businesses to collaborate on projects that will reduce their scope 3 emissions - we can work together to tackle some of the greatest sustainability challenges in a streamlined, strategic way. It's clear that companies (and even competitors) will benefit from collaboration when it comes to emissions reduction. For example, if 100 local businesses are using the same freight company (easily identified through Local Carbon), how could we work together to build the business case for electric trucks over diesel? Can we measure the collective impact of that change and identify options for funding this trial with the freight supplier - we believe we can. And that is part of our human approach to carbon accounting. This is where the real change happens.







Local Carbon Projects with Local Businesses

Where businesses are working towards a carbon neutral goal, we introduce them to those who are selling carbon offsets within their region where possible. By matchmaking businesses local to each other for the sale and purchase of carbon credits, Local Carbon provides confidence in the integrity of the offsets.


For example, a local supermarket buying offsets can point to the changed farming practices of the local farm from which it has purchased its credits. This local relationship provides a powerful community based sustainability story over a long period of time, providing a powerful marketing strategy as well.


Where a business wants to support a local project that is making a tangible difference, we also connect them, ensuring every investment is having the impact the business expects and the organisation is securing the support it needs.

Father and Son in Chicken Farm

Local Farmer - Sequestering Carbon in the Soil

Local Supermarket Offsetting Emissions

Grocery Store Worker

Local Carbon for Carbon Projects

Interested in how your farm or organisation can generate carbon credits? We break it down so you're ready to make an informed decision before committing to anything. We help you understand forecast project cost, key steps and timeframes.

If you decide to proceed, you get your own project manager and a simple portal for tracking every aspect of your project. We also help you match with potential local buyers of your carbon credits, ensuring your values and goals align to tell a powerful sustainability story. We reduce the legal and administrative hassle by providing a balanced template agreement for buying and selling too, if both parties have never done this before.

We don't take a percentage of credits either, we charge a significantly lower monthly administration fee to get you going and where upfront testing and auditing costs are prohibitive, we look at options to support you through our Sustainability Fund.

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01 Get the Key Information

Our carbon analysts will help your team find the internal data you need to understand the opportunities for carbon projects on your land or within your business

04 Register the Project

We would be lying if we didn't say this is a paperwork headache but our carbon project managers will take care of most admin for you. Have your documents ready

02 Know what's Involved

Our carbon analyst will assess the potential verified methods and provide an indication of cost to undertake the project and the steps involved - this is free

05 Reporting

Ongoing reporting and measurement is vital to the success of any carbon project. We will ensure you are meeting all requirements

03 Make the Decisions

We will work with you to establish the agreements you need to proceed with a project. We will also confirm the team involved to run the project

06 It's a Match

Local Carbon introduces you and your project to local businesses who are looking for carbon credits, from projects like yours. This is the start of a long term relationship 

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